About Managing Chef

Sunil Chauhan

Chef Sunil Chauhan, graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi in 1994, and started his career with Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd at India Habitat Centre . He left as a Sous Chef and joined Jiggs Kalra Food Services Pvt. Ltd. During his two year tenure with them, Sunil also had the honor of representing team India at the India at The World Gourmet Summit, Singapore, The World Gourmet Festival, St.Moritz-Switzerland, and an Ayurvedic Food festival at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore as the youngest chef. During his tenure with Jiggs they also conducted food festivals at various hotels in India.

Subsequently in 2001, he set up Chefs United as a specialized outdoor catering and consultancy division. Chefs United has since established itself as a force in the Hospitality industry with clients such as The Australian High Commission, British High Commission, German Embassy, Pizza hut, Nestle, Mother Dairy, Whirlpool, Midas foods etc apart from the expertise provided to the various restaurants in conceptualizing, menu planning and launching.

Being independent has also given Chef Sunil, in the past 4 years an opportunity to travel extensively in India. He wanted to satisfy his curiosity as to why home cooked food never surfaced as the face of Indian Cuisine particularly when the home food is much tastier and less 'spicy' in all aspects. During this time, he did a lot of research in regional specialties cooked at home most of which have never been exposed to the world. He also met womenfolk in various communities to get in depth knowledge. " It is a pity that most of the food that one comes across in the Indian restaurants anywhere is seldom found or cooked at home" says Sunil.

Chef Chauhan's hands on experience in various international cuisines has also given him a deep understanding and knowhow of the evolving nouvelle Indian cuisine.

"My desire is to unveil true Indian food to the world" –says Chef Sunil Chauhan